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Transform a child’s life - Join hands with Udhavum Ullangal and sponsor education

Udhavum Ullangal provides scholarship support for deserving underprivileged children and building key infrastructure to schools. 2000 + children sponsored for Higher education.

Supporting United Nations - Sustainable Development Goal: Quality education for all

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Volunteer with us in our
Mentoring Programs

Udhavum Ullangal’s mentoring workshops has aided young teenagers in their personal transformation and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Supporting United Nations - Sustainable Development Goal: Quality education for all

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Join us in helping women learn new skills and become entrepreneurs

Udhavum Ullangal provides structured workshops equipping underprivileged women with necessary skills enabling them to be self sufficient, support their family and reach greater heights

Supporting United Nations: Sustainable Development Goal: Gender equality

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Help support livelihood in a scenario of uncertainty

When the entire world was under a lockdown owing to Covid 19 in the 1st WAVE, Udhavum Ullangal swiftly swung into action

Supporting United Nations: Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health and Well Being

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Let’s Build A Cancer Free Generation

Steady Increase in Cancer Cases - Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Kanyakumari 2nd highest region in Tamil Nadu. 50173 people are undergoing treatment, 6000 new cases have been reported every year 3 Cancer Hospitals and there are no beds to support all patients. Source: TNCRP Report

Supporting United Nations: Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health and Well Being

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Shaping the future generation. Volunteer with us in our Mentoring Programs

Every academic year, UU supports a number of needy students of Chennai and Sivakasi, who are unable to pay their academic fees due to their poverty and family situation.

Supporting United Nations - Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality education for all

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Build a Cancer free generation

Build a Cancer free generation

Established Cancer Control Program aiding screening of 38000+ persons and treatment of 1000+ patients

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Spread Joy and Happiness

Shape a Child’s Future

2000 + deserving underprivileged children sponsored for Higher education post thorough Background check

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Spread Joy and Happiness

Empower Women

Udhavum Ullangal successfully trained 2000+ women in Skill Development Training Centres and helped financially

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Spread Joy and Happiness

Disaster Relief Efforts

33 O2 Concentrators, 6000 Surgical Masks and 550 PPE kits distributed as part of COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Program

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Successful Collaboration with Corporates

Successful Collaboration with Corporates

As an NGO with rich grassroots experience, we have successfully joined forces with corporates, becoming their trusted partners in helping deliver their Corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. Jointly we are creating awareness and building a socially conscious selfless society instrumental in shaping the society

Local Dedicated Volunteer Base

Local Dedicated Volunteer Base

Our partnerships with Governments, educational institutions, religious, business groups, local communities, other NGO’s creates networking opportunities to build a dedicated volunteer base. Each outreach event is structured in a way to give the volunteers with an opportunity to contribute and interact with people from different walks

Outcome Driven Projects

Outcome Driven Projects

We channelize our funds towards key projects in the areas of health care, young adults, women empowerment, pandemic and disaster relief with clear measures and outcomes future of children, helping people in distress, poverty, during distress and lead a healthy life




Child Focused

  • Education in Remote Villages
  • Create Awareness, Provide Access
  • Fun based Learning
  • Make available with adequate resources including Teaching
  • Faculty / Infrastructure / Facilities
  • Provide appropriate Technology resources to extend reach
  • Continuous Support & Mentorship

Creating the Future

Women Focused

  • Provide Opportunity to acquire Skills
  • Opportunity to raise above violence and discrimination
  • Resilience thru financial freedom
  • Create awareness around roles, rights and responsibilities
  • Enable Technology to achieve Women Empowerment

Sustainable Society

Preventive HealthCare

  • Affordable Healthcare Hospitals
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Resources to provide health checkups
  • Regular consulting for course corrections
  • With the support of Physicians and Research scientists

Enabling Prosperity


  • Spread the happiness thru festivals (Ananda Deepavali)
  • Share the resources to enable freedom of expression

The True Index of Life


Udhavum Ullangal Founder – Sankar Mahadevan

Udhavum Ullangal (Helping Souls) was founded 20 years ago by Shankar Mahadevan. He is a former bank employee. His interest, passion, and determination to help the underprivileged section of the society made him give up his full-time job and become a full-time activist and support the Trust's vision. Through the years, he has become an inspiration to many, paving the way to envision and undertake new projects like the upcoming Cancer Hospital in Tirunelveli, TamilNadu India


Our Volunteer for the Month


Ravi has been with us right from the memorable year of 1997, when 150 underprivileged children had gathered for Ananda Deepavali, an event organized for all those innocent souls to celebrate with peace and joy by providing lunch and clothing to conclude the festival of lights with a lively music program.

His undying Prescence of dedication and commitment can also be felt in disaster management programs such as providing relief to the tsunami victims of Nagapattinam, procurement activities related to COVID 19, as well as financial services such as tracking, allocating and monitoring funds from various sources and people.

We would like to conclude by hoping that even after 100 years, the history of Udhavum Ullangal will talk about your services and accomplishments with pride and honor.