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Diploma in Electronics

This course is positioned to be in line with industry goals and trends. It provides you with a solid foundation in the principles and applications of electronic devices, circuits, and systems, so as to equip you to meet the changing needs of the industry.

Special emphasis is placed on Internet technology and networking, embedded systems, and communication and control. You will also develop effective communication skills for the workplace, skills in project planning, and an appreciation of quality techniques. Apart from the fundamental training, this course also keeps its training current and relevant through the many industry-accredited or certified modules offered.

To be better prepared for the advancements in technology, final-year students will choose to take one of the following Elective Options, each of which comprises at least five subjects. These Elective Options are: Aerospace Electronics, Programming & Networking, Mobile Computing, Photonics, or Robotics.

Career Opportunities
Electronics forms part of the everyday operation of homes, factories, offices and other important aspects of our lives. Satellite communications, sophisticated defence mechanisms, medical tools, money transfers and video systems are all made possible through electronics. Singapore’s vision is to become a world-class electronics hub with global leadership in manufacturing solutions, as well as in the creation and management of new products, applications and markets. With lower-end businesses shifting out as a result of increasing costs, over-capacity and the falling prices of products, new jobs will be created for knowledge-workers as the industry moves into high-end design work, wafer fabrication and marketing activities. Graduates will have excellent prospects in aerospace electronics, telecommunications, instrumentation and control, computing, and consumer and industrial electronics. Your job areas may include product designing and testing, process and quality improvement, maintenance, marketing, sales and services.

Core Subject Area

       Electronic Prototyping                  
       Printed Circuit Board Design
       Circuit Analysis                                    
       Electronic Devices & Circuits
       Digital Fundamentals 1                 
       Digital Fundamentals 2                 
       Engineering Mathematics 1  
       Engineering Mathematics 2  

       Problem-solving & Process Skills
       Computer Programming
       Circuits & Control Systems
       Integrated Circuit Applications
       Engineering Mathematics 3
       Microcontroller Technology
       Telecommunication Principles
       Major Project

Elective Options
1. Aerospace Electronics                  4. Photonics
2. Programming & Networking        5. Robotics
3. Mobile Computing

Diploma in Mechatronics

Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design of products and manufacturing processes. The Diploma in Mechatronics provides you with a solid foundation in electronics, mechanical engineering and computing systems. This strong foundation gives you a head-start in the various courses open to you at both the local and foreign universities.

Through this diploma program, you will acquire the necessary core competencies in automation, robotics, mechatronics design, programmable logic controllers, electro-pneumatics, vision systems, computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing, virtual reality, computer programming, microcontroller engineering, aerodynamics and control engineering. Besides being technologically competent, you will also develop effective communication skills. These industry relevant competencies will adequately prepare you for good careers.

Career Opportunities
The market opportunities and benefits to be gained from designing smart products and automated systems with an integrated use of electronics, mechanical and computer technologies are huge, and will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. Companies in these areas will increasingly need competent mechatronics graduates, providing abundant job opportunities for you.

You will excel in a wide spectrum of industries as diverse as electronics, manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and aviation. You may also choose to do R&D work, equipment design and development, planning, project management, as well as technical sales and marketing. You are also qualified to work in high-tech manufacturing environments and the growing petrol-chemical industry. If you wish to pursue higher education, your diploma enables you to take up local and overseas degree programmes in electronics, mechanical or computer engineering.

      Aeronautical Technologists             Automation Technologists
      CAD/CAM Technologists                   Engineering Assistants
      Sales Engineers

Core Subject Area

       Networking Fundamentals             
       Engineering Drawing                    
       Circuit Analysis                                    
       Electronic Devices & Circuits
       Digital Fundamentals 1                 
       Digital Fundamentals 2                 
       Engineering Mathematics 1  
       Engineering Mathematics 2  
       Statics & Strength of Materials
       Major Project

      Computer Programming
      Circuits & Control Systems
      Mechatronics Design Project
      Engineering Mathematics 3
      Microcontroller Technology
      Programmable Automation
      Machining Technology
      Principles of Dynamics
      Power Electronics & Drives

Elective Options
1. Aerospace Engineering                          3. Robotics
2. Process Control and Automation        4. 3D Design and Visualisation

Diploma in Mobile & Wireless Computing

This course has been designed to produce a new breed of IT specialists who are well versed in mobile and wireless technologies and their applications for business. The course starts by introducing various core IT technologies such as web design, and networking and computing techniques such as programming and application development. These will lay the foundation for the IT core competencies. It then introduces the specific skills required for designing and developing wireless systems for the business world.

You will be able to specialise in either Business Solutions or Business Systems Infrastructure. Business Solutions focuses on creating applications using mobile technologies for mobile commerce. Business Systems Infrastructure focuses on designing and implementing suitable wired and wireless networks for mobile commerce and other industries.

The language and communication components train you to be an effective communicator. In your final year, you will be able to choose elective subjects to broaden your technical knowledge or business know-how. You will then embark on an exciting and realistic team-based final year project related to your specialisation. You will also have an opportunity to be attached to either a local of overseas IT company as an intern to gain real life work experience and enhance your employability.

Career Opportunities
As the adoption of mobile technologies is growing rapidly, it is anticipated that there will be a great demand for graduates of this programme. You can look forward to challenging and rewarding careers in mobile business application development, user-support management in networking organisations, analysis and adoption of mobile technologies in specific business contexts.

Core Subject Area

    Web Design
    Computer Architecture
    Data Communications & Networking
    Internet & Information Systems in Organisation
    Fundamentals of Database Systems
    Problem Solving & Programming
    Object-Oriented Programming
    Computing Mathematics 1

    Computing Mathematics 2
    Operating Systems
    Data Structures & Algorithms
    Software Engineering
    Mobile Database Systems
    Mobile & Wireless Network
    Server Side Software Development
    Major Project

Option Subjects
1. Application Development                  3. System Infrastructure
2. Business       

3 years full time  (1 year in Chennai, 2 years in Singapore)

  10th standard pass with Minimum 75% in Maths, Science & English
  Good spoken English is a must

April  / October

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