1.      Why to choose AEC Business School to get their services

            Govt Registered Company in India. 10 yrs of excellence in Overseas Education.

2.      Which are the countries AEC guides the students to get admission? 

          AEC guides students to get admission with the recognised Universities / Institutions in Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

 3.      What are the services that AEC extend to the students?

           AEC does the application process, ensures admission with the Universities, process the students Visa, Accommodation arrangements and also further help the students to settle down in the country in Singapore / Malaysia / New Zealand.

 4.      How do I apply to study in Overseas.

            Application procedures are dependent on the type of institutions the  students are applying to . In general, we need to check the application procedures with the educational institution of your choice.

5.      How do i approach AEC ?

           Students can get the AEC’s offices from the website. Students can send email or call the counsellors at their respective cities to get guidance.

6.      Where all AEC located?

         AEC is having 7 offices in India. Chennai, New Delhi, Kerala, Mumbai, Bangalore, Salem and Coimbatore.

7.      Is AEC counsellors are trained in this field?

            AEC counsellors are trained and experienced on their respective field. Hence students could get the right suggestions and guidance from the Counselors. For SSC (Singapore Study Centre) Our counsellors are trained by the Singapore Education and awarded Singapore Education specialists and Consultants Certificate.


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