Let’s Build A Cancer Free Generation


New Lifeline for Swarnam, Cancer Survivor

The opportunity of living a full life is a rare and precious gift for those diagnosed with Cancer. Udhavum Ullangal is providing all efforts to make sure that every person gets this opportunity to fight the war against Cancer.

Swarnam is one out of the million victims, fallen into the trap of cancer. It’s a trap that cannot be escaped easily without an immense amount of unconditional love and support. Not having a single penny to spare, Swarnam had lost faith in something called hope, when diagnosed with cancer.

Udhavum Ullangal stepped up to not only give back that long-lost hope but also to give a new life, by providing free surgery and 8 days of treatment filled with utmost care and perfection. The degree of perfection is so high that she can live happily without any pain or effects even today, as we have just finished writing another example about how our actions are slowly making a difference to the lives around us.