Maya Kannan’s Transformation


The Transformation…….

From a child laborer engaged in packing match boxes to a train pilot of Southern Railway, it has been an arduous journey for Maya Kannan. He is a boy from the dark but colorful town of Siva Kasi, hailing from an impoverished background. Udhavum Ullangal and National Child Labor Project (NCLP) funded his education to study engineering. He worked hard not worrying or taking into heart the degrading financial conditions of his family and secured his engineering degree. As Maya Kannan was about to witness a light at the end of the tunnel, the most unfortunate incident took place when the employer, during the campus interview, rejected him for the job opening, citing lack of communication skills. Maya Kannan’s heart was filled with despair and pain as he worked in the grocery store where he was then employed.

At this stage, the mentors in Udhavum Ullangal guided him as part of the mentoring program and helped him enroll into coaching classes to help build his communication skills. This helped Maya Kannan and he was finally able to experience various emotions such as happiness, pride, and success when he was finally able to write the railway exams. Post passing the exam, he secured a job as a loco pilot in Indian Railways, at a small town called Trichy. The statement that “hard work when accompanied by guidance produces success”, has been successfully been proven through the inspiring story of Maya Kannan. Read more in From child labourer to loco pilot - The Hindu