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MSC has been set up to promote Malaysia as a preferred destination for Indian Students, who aspire higher education in abroad. Economy of living, quality education, Geographical proximity & cultural similarity attracts Indian students to Malaysia. With Malaysia opening up for International Students, it is slowly emerging as a favorite destination to many prospective students.

The economical cost of living coupled with the opportunities has made Malaysia a more attractive destination. The pattern of education & pathways offered are much similar to neighboring countries.
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Malaysia is one of the most pleasant, hassle-free countries to visit in SouthEast Asia. It's multi-ethnicity has moved towards a pluralist culture based on vibrant and interesting fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous cultures and customs.   
The country's national language is Malay while its commercial language is English. The widely spoken languages in the country are English, Chinese and Tamil.

As a multi racial society, Malaysia has promoted living together in peace and harmony. The metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur poses as the country’s Capital City cum Financial Centre   while Putrajaya has been made the Administrative Capital.

The business sector in Malaysia has become key players in delivering higher education. The political and the economic developments spurred the growth of higher education in Malaysia, which made education affordable.

Evidently, the main reason why students choose Malaysia to study is the cost factor. The notion and objective of Ministry of education is to provide education to a common man at an affordable fee.

Secondly, the tertiary education system offered is convenient and attractive. Malaysia is proud to have over 500 private and public universities and colleges that offer tertiary education in a variety of fields of study. Many of the private colleges and universities in Malaysia collaborated with foreign universities such as those in the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada offer their courses on a twinning basis in Malaysia. Depending on the course of study, the student has the choice of completing all academic years in Malaysia or proceeding to the respective foreign university for the final year. The course and degree certificate is, however, from the respective foreign university. There are also foreign-based universities who have established their campuses in Malaysia to cater for those who cannot afford studying at the western base.

Thirdly, the cost of living is reasonably affordable and thus allows for much savings that could be used for occasional entertainment. Accommodation is affordable and food   is available at any hour   of   the day. It is said, you can never go hungry in Malaysia.  Transportation is efficient and reasonable and thus it is easy to get around.

Fourthly, the conducive environment of study. Several private colleges and universities are located outside the city to provoke a more conducive  and  comfortable  environment  for students to excel. The campus life encourages socializing and cultural exchange that leads to better self-esteem and self-development for the student.

The combination of the above factors encourages students to choose Malaysia as there is much more to gain than just an education.

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